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Well, What Do Ya Know?

Doorknob20and20key_150x206OK, Delaney Kirk tagged me with a challenge to share five things about me that few on the blogosphere would know.  While I usually don't partiticpate in the meme or pyramid kind of games, I figured this would be a fun way to get to know some of my fellow bloggers.  In the spirit of disclosure, here goes:

  1. I've written a children's book, but I'm trying to decide on next steps (illustrator, publisher, etc.).
  2. I enjoy painting abstract art (mostly oils and acrylics) when I get the chance.
  3. I was a radio station DJ during my undergrad years.  The college radio station signal barely reached the edges of campus, so it was nicknamed the 10-watt tower of power.
  4. I'm a complete and total dog person (sorry to all of you cat lovers out there).  My current pooch is a Shih-Tzu named Zorro.
  5. At my former church, I led songs for five years.  Not exceptionally well, mind you, but I do know my way around the gammut ranging from hymns and current praise choruses.

OK, that's my "fess up time."  In the spirit of the game, I'm now tagging Valeria Maltoni, Robert McIlree, David St. Lawrence, Lidor Wyssocky, and Diana Lindstrom to do the same.


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Delaney Kirk

Thanks Tim for indulging us!

Phil Gerbyshak

Tim - I definitely didn't know any of these things about you. Perhaps you could put up a MySpace page like Mr. Farber with you crooning, or you guys could do a duet? Tim and Steve sing the blues!

Valeria Maltoni

Hi Tim:

I think spammers also tagged you. I saw Ann's post last night, as I was getting ready to plan my week. The honor of being tagged by you as well is mine.

Given that most of our blogs are business-related, I can see how such a wave may feel not on target. Ann's links were actually useful feedback to me so I was happy to get into it.

ann michael

You're going to have to take some pictures of your artwork and let us see!!!

Timothy Johnson

Delaney - thanks for the diversion... of course there's still more out there about me that most people don't know... we'll save it for the next time you and Phil and Liz want to play your reindeer games

Phil - Steve would leave me in the dust... best that my "musical talent" went back into hiding

Valeria - noticed that Ann had already tagged you... glad you indulged. Ann always has good links

Ann - Hmmmm, sharing my artwork... well, there's a better chance of that than my musical skills. Thanks for the encouragement!!

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