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Easy As Rolling Off A Blog

20061109_starbuckerIt has been a good week on the "Blogger Relations" front.  First, I had a make-it-great interview with Phil Gerbyshak.  Any chance to talk with Phil is pure positively charged adrenaline, regardless of the topic.  The only interview question that really threw me was trying to figure out my favorite superhero (Phil told me I couldn't list any of the members of my blog roll, which really cut down the choices).

Tonight, I was able to spend an outstanding evening with an outstanding blogger.  Starbucker was in town... just to meet the up-and-coming bevy of Des Moines bloggers in the morning.  I was lucky enough to stake a claim with him this evening, and we went out to dinner, after which I gave him the nickel tour of Des Moines.  We shared stories about blogging, family, and careers.  I have a feeling the conversation could have gone on much later, but we both have day jobs.

I've been blogging for eight months now.  I feel exceptionally blessed to have met so many wonderful people.  Starbucker and I had a fun time exchanging blogger-interaction stories.  There have been very few on the blogosphere that we've experienced who have not been kind, wonderful, and gracious people.  The relationships we've built will last a lifetime.  My 2007 goal is to meet (in person) all of the bloggers who have had such a rich and lasting influence on my life this year.


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Roger von Oech

What a great story! I've only been doing this for 6 weeks, but I already have an intimation of what you're experiencing. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Got your book in the mail, and will take a look at it this weekend!

Best wishes,

Roger von Oech

Timothy Johnson

Hi Roger - thanks for swinging in for a comment. You're on my 2007 list of bloggers to meet; of course, I've been looking forward to meeting you for years.

Hope you enjoy reading Race Through The Forest.

Keep blogging! The blogosphere needs your creative insights added to the conversation.

Carpe Factum - Tim

Phil Gerbyshak

You handsome devils! What a picture of the 2 of you. Tim and Terry - 2 amazingly GREAT guys! Well done. Can't wait to get to Iowa to meet you and the rest of your team.

Terry Starbucker

Tim, it was indeed a great evening, and my very best thanks for dinner and the tour of Des Moines. And yes, you beat me to post about this - stay tuned for my version! See you at breakfast.

Timothy Johnson

Thanks, Phil... the picture was a great token to commemorate a fun evening with Terry.

Terry - DUDE!!! (need I say more???) :)

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