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A Walk On The Wild Side

CrikeysteveSteve Irwin is dead.  The famed "Croc Hunter" is no longer.  I'm going to miss seeing him as I'm flipping through cable channels.  He was always fun to watch, as I shook my head in disbelief that he had lived this long.  I would guess that 44 is well beyond the life span of a guy who has snakes for pets and wrestles crocs.  But, as his online obituary read, he died as he lived... doing what he loved.

I've been thinking a lot about some people in my field.  How they always play it safe.  How their risk management plans not only cover their butts but entomb them so that there's no longer ANY skin in the game.  It's OK to think about what can go wrong... as project managers, we kind of encourage that.  I'm talking about the people who suffer "paralysis by analysis" and do nothing because they're afraid that something might happen.

Steveirwin_gilbo_529323_maxA lot of my consulting work is done at major corporations.  There's a double standard that exists within those walls.  Executives say they want their people to be more risk taking, more entrepreneurial.  The people working for those same executives are scared out of their wits to fail because they "saw what happened to the last guy."  If that's the mindset we're all going to take, then I guess nobody is going to swim with stingrays any longer.

Maybe I'm just getting tired of corporate cowardice.  Maybe I'd like to see somebody rip their boss a new one just because he deserves it.  Maybe I'd like to hear about a project manager demanding a raise because she's kicked butt on the last five projects and she could go anywhere in town and get double what she's getting paid now.  Maybe I'd like to hear a design team tell the executives that their idea is dumb from so many angles that it would take more paper to document the stupidity than it would the design.

Maybe I'd like to see Steve Irwin fight one more croc.

Maybe I'd like to fight a few corporate crocs myself.




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