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I Will Call Him Squishy

Dnjf Anna Farmery at The Engaging Brand recently had a fun post called Bring Projects Alive, where she talks about a project her team named in the past.  (Thanks, Steve, for sending me the link.)  What a great thought:  personification of our projects.  So... for all of you out there who have named children and pets, what would you name your project?  Would you give it a cool name like Blade or Jagger?  Something conservative like Beatrice or Cecil?  Or something ridiculous that would get it beaten up on the project playground?

I'll tell you what:  we'll have a little contest here.  Post a comment telling me what you would name your project (current or past) and at least 1-2 sentences explaining why.  A week from now, I will select the most creative one (if I get enough, I'll select the top 2 or 3).  Each of the winners will receive a free autographed copy of Race Through The Forest.  I can't be the only one having all the creative fun on the blogosphere, so tell your friends and let's be goofy.


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John Koetsier

Project name: Holy Grail.

Project: Bringing social media alive inside my company.

Why: it's going to be hard, hard, hard to change attitudes and beliefs inside the company ... probably harder than being successful in the outside world.

But if I succeed, the results will rejuvenate all of us.

Lucia Mancuso

Ok - I have just named one of my new projects. It is a dream job for me - one of those things that I fantasized about when in school - "imagine one day owning a creative company and working on clients such as..." Well that is the project. It rejuvenates me - getting work like this makes me feel young and hip and really makes my creative juices flow.

So the project is called:

LUCKY - Love under Creativity keeps Youth.

There you go...

Eric Orcutt

I would name my project "Monkey Paw", for thw obvious reasons.

Timothy Johnson

And the winner is.... John Koetsier! Thanks to all three of you for participating.

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