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But My Mom Already Knew This About Me...

SlobwinnerThanks to John Koetsier and his team at bizhack, I've been awarded the title of SLOB.  I'm truly humbled (in more ways than you can blog about) to be called a Startling Loquacious Outstanding Blogger, and I only hope I can live up to the expectations.  I'm in some very good company:  Seth Godin, Mike Wagner, Duct Tape Marketing, and Horse Pig Cow.

OK, OK, I know this is going to sound academy-award-speech-ish, but I have one person who really deserves to be recognized and thanked for my blogging recognition:  my blog coach, Mike Sansone.  The fact that he has two clients who are SLOBs should say a lot for his business blogging prowess.  If you are thinking about business blogging, quit screwing around and hire him (unless you're going to compete directly with me, then ignore that).

Thanks, John, for the recognition.  I'll wear the title proudly.


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Michael Wagner

Congrats Tim! The fellowship of the SLOBs is forming for our own "hero's journey" through the blogosphere!

You have so much fun with your postings while adding great insight ---- it reminds me of one of the phrases you used in your Drake MBA class, "you're not doing it right if it isn't fun".

I'd say you are doing it right.

Keep creating...accomplishment,

Mike Sansone

Thanks for the kudos Tim, but you and Mike write the words and engage in the conversation.

I defer credit back to you, and Mike W....and John for creating the SLOB community.

Lucia Mancuso

Congrats - it must feel great to be a SLOB.
Your blog is truely a great one - with great content.
Mike Sansone should be proud of you and Mike Wagner - both your blogs keep me coming back for more

Timothy Johnson

Aw shucks guys... seriously, as Sansone reminds us constantly, it's the conversation and the community which make a blog successful, and I'm grateful to participate is a wonderfully conversational community with folks like the three of you.

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