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Mind The Gap

Londonunderground Wow.... London was incredible!  I've accumulated enough information on British History to blog examples of project management and office politics for many posts to come.  The monarchy has nothing on modern-day corporations when it comes to running - or ruining - an organization (be it a Medieval land, a not-for-profit, or a huge conglomerate).

My wife was an incredible tour guide, packing in the truly must-see events and activities into 10 days.  I teased her a lot about the "vacation death march" but the trip would not have been the same without her knowledge of where to go and how to get there.

Mind_the_gap Speaking of how to get there, there was a sign on the London Underground to "Mind The Gap."  It's all part of a safety campaign to get people to pay attention when entering and exiting the train.  (Another thing I liked about the Brits; in America, we'd simply say "Caution!" or "Watch Out!"  They're much more polite about their admonitions.)  Of the millions upon millions who ride the subway each year, there were 53 injuries last year.  Not a bad average, but still not good enough for those managing "the tube."

Upon closer inspection, "mind the gap" is really more of a life philosophy than just a simple subway safety sign.  Each of us is someplace in life, and we're all probably trying to get somewhere else.  The gap is the distance between those two.  Failure to mind the gap means missed project deadlines and overdrawn budgets.  Failure to mind the gap also means unaccomplished goals and ignored dreams.

Underground_map For Londoners, the Underground is so second-nature that many of them don't even notice the gap... "minding" it is almost thoughtless.  Still, when somebody doesn't mind the gap, it can mean a subway line is down for hours and the other lines are clogged due to the overflow.  For those of us on life's journey, ignoring the gap comes with other consequences like missed opportunities and failed projects.

"Mind the gap."  Not a bad lesson from a subway station.

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Michael Wagner

Glad to have you back on this side of the pond!

Looking forward to your new found British project management insights.

Keep creating...accomplishing, Mike

Mike Sansone

You're absense was a noticeable gap! Welcome back, I look forward to hearing of your adventures.


Thanks Mike & Mike... I was suffering from a bit of blogging withdrawal, despite all of the cool things we saw and did. Amazing though, how after a millennium of monarchy, the fundamentals of human behavior have not changed much. Those who do not learn from history really are doomed to repeat it.

Lucia Mancuso

Glad you had a great trip - looking forward to your fun spin on the story telling of project managment.

So does this mean whenever I drop off the blogosphere I can just write a quick post saying: Mind the Gap" so that you'll understand that somethings gone off scope and I'm dealing with the Gap?


Lucia - I always appreciate your "spin" on life and the curves it throws. Maybe we should all put a "mind the gap" sign on our desks as a universal reminder.

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