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A Trip to SPARTA

Sparta In my last post, the topic of "recovery vs. flush" came up with respect to projects.  The decision to flush a bad project, while not easy, can bring relief to those who suffered through it over the months or years that it staggered along.

But what about project recovery?  What happens when you decide that the growing stink-bomb is actually salvageable?  In the book, Race Through The Forest, the Epilogue of the fable actually covers the topic of rescuing a floundering project.  As with many issues that need to be quickly and easily remembered, this one also involves an acronym:  SPARTA.

  • Stop
  • Parameters
  • Assumptions
  • Roles
  • Tasks
  • Accountability

The next few posts will be dedicated to reviewing what do to when rescuing the project that's on life support.  SPARTA this time of year should make for a fun trip.  Hope you'll come along.

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