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Resurrecting the Habit

Cybex After an extended hiatus caused by the realities of life, I decided it was time to get back into the habit of working out.  My workout schedule and routine, when set, are fairly consistent.  Wake up at 4:30, dressed and to the Y by 4:55, 100 ab crunches, 40 minutes on the exercise bike, come home, do the power cords, then get the kids and myself ready for our respective days.  Hence, my body has had to adjust to a new sleep schedule and relearn my old workout routine.  The two words that best describe my current existence are "ow" and "yawn."

(By the way, kudos to Rick, Cecilia, Steve, Mary, and the other folks working out at the Y at that ungodly hour for your warm reception back and your encouragement this week.  It's been great seeing all of you again and catching up.)

Project rigor is also a habit, and it can be a painful habit to adjust, but it's equally rewarding in the end when followed faithfully.  I was on a project a few years ago where I was working for an alarming scattered manager who informed me that she did not want me to write a weekly status report, monthly would do.  While I protested, she made it quite clear that it was not time she wanted "wasted" - there were other things to do.  Against my better judgment, I followed her lead.  When things "went south" on the project, she had me over a barrel as the needed documentation was not there.  I started doing weekly status reports as part of the project recovery and she terminated my contract as the frequent documentation surfaced the fact that she was the bottleneck of the project's problems (which explained her earlier resistance).  Oh well.  It was a good lesson learned.

Artifacts such as status reports, project plans, and issues logs are the lifeblood of a well-run project.  If your project is fully staffed with Carpe Factum poster children who are all over-achieving accomplishment-mongers and who trust and respect each other, then you can come and talk to me about relaxing the project rigor.  Now, where did I leave my heating pad?  Ow!

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Michael Krigsman

The trackback to my post about this entry is not working correctly. Here is the correct trackback URL:


Don't you love technology?

Lucia Mancuso

As I read this post I noticed it is 4:30am and I'm on my way to bed as your getting up to go to the gym.... Oh the guilt.

Good Luck on your new routine... I always find after 2 weeks the yawning stops.
I believe in the saying: "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything."

When the alarm rings some mornings and you want to throw it across the room (I can't be alone in that feeling) - remember the commitment to your health is well worth it.


Michael - thanks for the great blog dialogue. We're going to have some fun stories to share in the future.

Lucia - yes, the alarm clock has become airborn once or twice (what's the old joke? to "see time fly"). I'm in week two and "yawn" and "ow" are both starting to subside.

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