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Project Management Family Feud

Dawson I was reading Mary Schmidt's recent post on the Family Feud TV game show and how she applied it to marketing.  For those of you who have not yet discovered her blog, it's a worthwhile visit.  She is spot on about Richard Dawson - his era was the best that show had to offer.  The show really is all about context and association, two things that are necessary to a project manager, but yet which too few of us allow ourselves to do on a regular basis. Anyway, the idea of listing the top five of any category really got me thinking:  what if we had project managers as contestants on the show?  I can just hear Richard belting out the following:  100 project managers surveyed and the top five answers are on the board...

  • What five things would a project manager most like to have during a tense steering committee meeting?
  • Which five meetings would a project manager most likely keep on his or her schedule?
  • What five skillsets would a project manager look for in virtually every team member?
  • If you were on a sinking ship with your entire project team and infrastructure (yeah, yeah, I know, some of you are thinking, "what do you mean, 'if'?"), what are the five things or people you would be most likely to save to keep your project moving forward?
  • What five blogs should every project manager read?

And our survey says... ... ... ???  I'll look forward to your responses.

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Mary Schmidt

Having done my share of PM steering committee meetings...my top five things to have during a tense meeting would be:

1. Whip
2. Stun Gun
3. Shaker of Martinis
4. Large jar of valium, preferably candy-coated
5. Clone (to sit in for me)



I want to be in meetings with you, Mary. Your presence alone would make my meetings more exciting.

Airsoft Guns

yeah!!!!!its not really a simple task...being a project manager.....you need really skills...

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