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Why Carpe Factum?

The paradox:  I went to the "dead language" to express the "living concept."

Carpe Factum ... Seize the Accomplishment ... The Latin version of "Git 'er done!" (If you are now haunted by images of Larry the Cable Guy in a toga, my apologies.)

People want to get things done.  They want the feeling of accomplishment.  They want responsibility.  They like to make check marks.  They like to own it.  There's a reason why this concept is at the top of the ever ubiquitous Maslow's hierarchy.  A colleague and good friend of mine, Mike Wagner, is an expert in brand ownership.  Not branding, not logos, not marketing slogans, not advertising.  Brand ownership.  The relevant meshing of internal and external messages into a uniquely relevant presence.  The ability to own it to a degree that accomplishments toward that ownership are a natural by-product.

I'm a project manager by trade.  Carpe Factum is more than project management.  It's about creativity.  It's about navigation.  It's about balance.  It's about passion.  It's about motivation.  It ends with the check mark, but (as with most things in life) the journey is so much more enriching than the mere destination.


Michael Wagner

Tim, your voice is so clear as you write. This will be great for you, but even better for us here in the blogsphere who need good, honest. clear voices like yours to converse with, explore with and have a good laugh with when the day is done.

Carpe Factum!

Keep creating, Mike

Crysta Wille

I heard you speak at a PMI-MN dinner and your delivery woke me up and re-energized my perspective on how to creatively tackle politics and team communications. Well done, lad. I'm ready to hit the project team meetings head on.

Timothy Johnson

Thank you so much, Crysta... both for the feedback and for calling me "lad" (I needed the latter this week). Best wishes with the newly reenergized approach. I wish you well. Politics and creativity and communication are all interconnected... few people realize the degree... Keep me posted on how it goes!

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