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SHARP Status: Accomplishments

Carpe_factum2Accomplishments.  The heart of a Carpe Factum Organization.  Firemen extinguish fires.  Performers take a bow.  Judges sentence criminals and make decisions.  Mechanics fix cars.  Project managers make check marks.  OK, so we do more complex things than make check marks.  We lead resources to get things done.  We complete tasks.  We achieve milestones.  This is the heart of the status report.  Each reporting period, a good project manager should report on what was accomplished in the prior reporting period.

As with highlights, ensure that you provide specifics on who accomplished the task and the appropriate details surrounding the task (i.e., don't go into excruciating detail about what you did - remember that executives... um... I mean, gnats can't focus much).  Also, do not report incomplete tasks as complete.  There is no such thing as "substantially complete" or "virtually done."  Don't report every single task on your project plan.  Focus on the important stuff, the top 5-10 that people will really care about.

Task accomplishment may not separate project managers from the other beasts of the field, but at the end of the day, it is the one thing for which we are ultimately accountable.  We can address issues, hold meetings, resolve conflicts, comfort stakeholders... but if we are not seizing accomplishments, we're just deluding ourselves.  We need to own the task, hold it down, beat it up, and steal its lunch money.  OK, OK... a little overzealous there... I'm calm.  But get out there and CARPE FACTUM.  And then brag about it on your SHARP Status.


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