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After Tax Deductions

Tea-party-protests Yesterday was "Tax Day" here in the United States.  And along with it came numerous "Tea Party" protests across the U.S.

Now say what you want to about the Tea Party, I sort of admire them.  Libertarians with attitude.  Statistically, they are educated and financially well off, dispelling the myth that they're a bunch of militant whackos.  Essentially, they want smaller government and less spending.  They transcend party-lines (because as we all saw during the Bush years, there was some record spending going on within the Republican party, so we can't blame all of the big spending on the Obama-Reid-Pelosi menage-a-trois).

The media likes to dismiss them as disgruntled.  They say "disgruntled" like it's a bad thing.  I personally enjoy those who are disgruntled, at least a little bit.  I tend to learn a thing or two from people who complain.  I learn what's wrong with the status quo.  I learn what doesn't work.  I learn WHO doesn't work.  I learn what's not fair and equitable.  I learn who's getting away with things they shouldn't be.  But most importantly, I learn to keep my eyes open to my surroundings at all times.  When you're a consultant, these are valuable lessons to learn early.  When the tea party has been taxed, they're pretty vocal, and you can deduce a lot of interesting conclusions from them.

Where is your cubicle tea party happening?  What can you learn from them? 


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Jim Bouchard

RIGHT ON! Tim, this is important stuff. When the President said he was "amused" at the outcry, he demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of what is behind this movement.

His assumption was that we should be "thankful" for the handouts and federal table scraps intended by his policies. Putting aside the emerging facts that health care legislation and cap and trade are inevitably increasing, not reducing taxes, the point is that many people have finally realized the extent that the federal governement has exceeded it's constitutional limits.

These folks are not radicals; they simply want to hold the governement accountable. That's the only way to preserve individual freedom and liberty.


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