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...Out Like A Lamb

Lion-and-the-lamb It's the end of March, and after a winter like no other, I am ready for spring.  More appropriately, I'm ready for the exit of the month that is truly worth of the phrase "out like a lamb."

As always, I think about systems.  How can you make your outputs result in "out like a lamb"?  Well, sometimes, you have to endure some difficult winter-from-hell throughput to get there.  Decisions, rework, arguments, office politics, waiting, disappointment, and detours all come with the territory.  Whenever an accomplishment is worth creating a system around, there will be challenges.  Think of them as the unmended potholes in your accomplishment commute.

Often, in our "instant gratification takes too long" society (thanks, Ellen, for making me smile with that phrase), we may tolerate the "in like a lion," but then we want to by-pass the next 29 days and short-circuit everything to arrive at "out like a lamb."  Systems... accomplishments... life... they don't work that way.

What is the accomplishment you desire as output from your current system?  Are you willing to endure some "March Madness" to help it come out like a lamb?


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Jade Handy

This reminds me of something the late great Earl Nightingale said. He told a story about an accomplished musician who would always set people straight when they would say, "I'd give anything to play like you do." The musician would retort, "no you wouldn't...If you wanted to you could...but you're not willing to put in the countless hours everyday day in and day out practicing and sacrificing in order to do it. So, no you wouldn't"

Timothy Johnson

Great story, Jade. It's very true. We want results, but we're often not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve those results. Thanks for sharing!

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