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Continuing the Race...

RTTF_2nd_Ed It's almost here.  Today, the second edition of Race Through The Forest - A Project Management Fable heads to the printer.  So by Independence Day, you should be able to order it on Amazon (and you local folks should be able to purchase it at the same book stores as always).

For those who have been asking where and how to order, I'll get my site updated as soon as the new Amazon listing is up.

This week, I will re-run some of the same posts I did back in 2006 when the book was first released.  I'll also put up some new material that the second edition has which the first edition did not:

  • How to write a status report

  • How to create a project plan

  • How to distinguish between red, yellow, and green status colors

  • How to create and issues and risks log

  • And many other useful and fun little nuggets along the way.

I'd like to take a moment and thank everyone who made the first release enjoyable, who shared how the book has helped them, and who just encouraged me along my own race.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


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Delaney Kirk

Here's to a sellout of the new printing of Race Through the Forest!!

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