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Revisiting God's Little Chew Toy

Dog-chew-toy Wow - what a month.  I've been juggling with curve balls this month, from car break-ins to health scares, and to be honest, I'm feeling a little exhausted.  I really didn't leave a lot of slack in my own personal system to deal with stuff beyond my normal go-go-go pace... which is my own fault.

One of my first blog posts was about dealing with God's Little Chew Toy... you know, the Eeyore of your team who always has multiple things going wrong all at once.  At the time I wrote it, I was dealing with two team-mates who seemed to have everything collapsing around them simultaneously.  The frustrating part was that neither was a great performer, so I was finding it hard to show them sympathy for the "excuses" for their lackluster performance.

But what happens when the "bad karma slump" hits YOU?  What happens when you are God's Little Chew Toy?  I found a great set of posts by Jonathan Keese Sr. about dealing with adversity.  He has some simple yet powerful lessons on handling the many curve balls that life throws at us.  I have a couple to add:

  1. Laugh - find something, ANYTHING, that will make you laugh.  It's been proven that laughter is the best medicine.  Recently, I've been on a Phineas and Ferb kick.  I know the chuckles derived have helped me keep my head.
  2. Help - do one good deed for somebody else.  Even if it's just paying for coffee at the drive up for the person behind you, you just never know when that one random act of kindness finds its way back to you.
  3. Confide and share - my church small group and my circle of friends collectively rock!  I've been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and encouragement... BECAUSE I ASKED.  That's not easy for me; I'm used to solving others' problems.  But the texts, Facebook messages, phone calls, etc. have been so uplifting.  Don't keep it bottled up.
  4. Exercise - admittedly, I've done horribly at this one this past month, and I've felt it.  So this lesson was learned the hard way.  Back on the cardio, weights, and nutrition immediately.

A lot of people are still going through the effects of the bad economy, are looking for jobs, and are just trying to get a grip on some very tough realities.  We've known a few people who have filed for bankruptcy, and there are others who are just feeling the pain of difficult job hunts.  It's scary.  The bottom line:  it can and will get better.  I promise.


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Michelle Williams

I just wanted to comment about the Jonathan Keese you mentioned in your blog. The adversity that Jonathan so passionately writes about lately has to do with the fact that he has taken over one hundred thousand dollars from innocent people in Virginia and Florida and is now hiding from them rather than pay them back the money that he has taken. There is a blog that is circulating on the web that states "Jonathan Keese Owes me Money". He is not a candidate that knows how to deal with adversity because he himself has gone into hiding rather than deal with his own adversity.

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