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The Best Part of April Fools Day are the Fools

Ignorance_is_blitz Ok, this has nothing really to do with business...

It's even marginal as an accomplishment...

But if you need a good belly-laugh on April Fools Day, pick up a copy of Ignorance is Blitz (formerly published as Non Campus Mentis).  It is the entire history of the world as told through college term paper bloopers.  Professor Anders Henriksson is utterly brilliant for compiling such a mixed up mess of muddledom.

A few examples:

There was Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.  Lower Egypt was actually farther up than Upper Egypt, which was, of course, lower down than the upper part.

Cesar inspired his men by stating, "I came, I saw, I went."  When he was assinated, he is reported to have said, "Me too, Brutus!"

During the Dark Ages it was mostly dark.

Machiavelli, who was often unemployed, wrote The Prince to get a job with Richard Nixon.

It was the Enlightenment of the 18th Century that contributed most to the 17th Century.

I haven't laughed this hard in ages.  Sort of reminded me of my freshman year of college, when I would type others' term papers for them.  My favorite title was the paper on "Mid-Evil Christianity."  Hmmm... think my pastor missed that one.

Sometimes laughter is a great accomplishment.  Happy April Fools Day!


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Ms. Admin

I've ordered the book! Thanks for expanding my horizons. I browsed across a book yesterday and you immediately came to mind, "The Encyclopedia of Immaturity." I just came back from purchasing it at Brilliant Sky Toys in the Skywalk at the Hub. Now, I'm really thankful my exec is gone because I'm having too many laughs and too much fun sitting in his office reading!!

Timothy Johnson

I'll take that as a compliment that you immediately thought of me when seeing a book on immaturity.

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