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Executives Don't Shoot Messengers

Gun_aim_copyOK, I'll try to make this my parting shot on the presidential campaign.  For all of you caught up in the emotional sweep of Obama-ism, you're not going to like this.  An ABC reporter catches Joe Biden off-guard, makes him look like a fool (not too hard to do to Mr. "Gird your Loins"), and the Obama camp "punishes" ABC?  OK, let's step back here a second.  I'd say the same thing if the McCain camp pulled a stunt like this.  The candidate gives a bad answer, and it's the media's fault?  The same media darlings who have been treating Obama like the messiah he thinks he is and have been biasing the campaign against McCain is now being punished because Foot-In-Mouth Biden makes a gaffe?  Can you imagine an Obama Whitehouse Press Conference?  There won't only be gag rules, there will be bound-and-gagged-and-tied-up-and-body-dumped-where-nobody-will-find-them rules.

But because I try to keep this in the arena of organizational behavior, let's bring this back to cubicle-land for a minute.  How many of our executives and managers do the same thing?  Somebody gives a bad answer, and they are pigeon-holed as incompetent.  An employee asks a question at a public forum, and all of a sudden they are shunned as a trouble maker.  We cringe at these behaviors, the same ones that got AIG and Enron and other giants in trouble, the same behaviors that Obama is criticizing as corporate greed and malfeasance.  And yet we'd be willing to tolerate a shoot-the-messenger mentality from the most powerful man in the world?  Obama has touted himself as the anti-Bush, which is moderately wise branding given how unpopular "W" is right now.  But then he turns around and exhibits the same brand of bullying which got the Bush Administration to where they are now.

Maybe I'm missing something.  Maybe Obama isn't really a naked emperor.  Maybe it's all a big misunderstanding.  After all, the only true Messiah was misunderstood as well.

But then again... maybe Joe Biden is right.  Gird your loins, folks.


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Precisely what happened to a reporter earlier this week who asked Biden if Obama didn't sound just the teensiest bit Marxist with his "spread the wealth" rhetoric, and Biden asked, "Is this a joke?" And then replied to the question by getting all indignant. Then, later, the reporter and her station were banned from future interviews with either Biden or Obama.

Also precisely what happened to "Joe the Plumber," who asked Obama a direct and pointed question - then, when Obama answered with his "spread the wealth" phrasing and later realized that his true colors were showing, they sent thugs around to look up the guy's personal/private history through child support databases, IRS records, etc. and immediately tried to publicly smear him.

I've said it before... these examples of bullying (and the propaganda of the now-famous infomercial) are an indication of what we can expect from Obama if he's elected.


Ah, hey it looks like the Florida reporter referenced in my comment is the same person referenced in your first link. Sorry, should've read the link first :)

Scott Phillips

This socialist / marxist crap is getting old. Let's play a game called Place That Quote, shall we? It'll be fun. Here we go.

Who said, "It is not unreasonable that the rich contribute to the public expense... more than in proportion to their revenue?" [paraphrased]

Barack Obama? Or maybe Carl Marx? It must be. They're evil!

The correct answer is Adam Smith, author of The Wealth of Nations and father of capitalism. http://is.gd/5dE9

I swear, we would be a lot better off if people actually READ some of these important historical works instead of simply spouting off talking points they hear on television.

Joyce Pingel

I am very tired of the political campaigns and the over-analyzing of every statement made by either candidate. I can't wait until the elections are done next week.
At the end of the day...both candidates are good, and both candidates are bad. The issues are what separate public opinion. Its also what separates people in the workplace. Harnessing adversity feeds our lifeforce. Thank God we all have different opinions from each other. It makes us stronger as a whole.

Timothy Johnson

Scott and Janet - the question of whether or not Obama is a Marxist is irrelevant in the context of this quote. The question asked of Biden could have just as easily been "boxers or briefs?" My concern was with the punitive way in which the Obama camp handled it, and it certainly raises grave concerns for how he will run the country if elected. If I were ABC, I'd start running pro-McCain ads 24x7.

Joyce - we're almost to the finish line, and I can understand the political fatigue. We here in Iowa have been at it for two years with these bozos. Since you're an executive I admire and respect greatly, let me pose the question to you: how would you handle an executive peer who reacted punitively to a messenger such as Obama has done with ABC? Is that reporter to blame, or should Obama have directed his ire toward his running mate instead?

Eric Peterson


I just came across this interesting post
It seems Obama has booted reporters from his plane who have endorsed McCain. Of course, it's a story that broke on Fox News, so take it for what it's worth. I thought this fit along with your post

Timothy Johnson

Eric - yes, the "reason" was they ran out of room on the plane.

But I do congratulate you on the "consider the source" approach.

Ms. Admin

I'm just catching up on my reading --- but don't I remember something along these lines w/the Clinton White House? "... there will be bound-and-gagged-and-tied-up-and-body-dumped-where-nobody-will-find-them rules." Oh excuse me, my roots are showing. Yes, I'll be glad when this is all over. I told friends 3 years ago that if Jesus Christ was running on the Republican ticket he would not be elected in 2008. However, I have an uncle who usually calls the results quite accurately and he says McCain by 5% margin. Yes, time for all this to be put to bed and the TV pundits, pollsters and media to start drawing unemployment checks (is that redistributing the wealth?)

Timothy Johnson

Looks like the Uncle missed the mark on this election.

Yeah, I was pretty tired of it all by the time it was finished.

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