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Do You Like Green Eggs and Bear?

It seems a Japanese Zoo is having a hard time keeping the algae out of the polar bears' water, so even the bears have "gone green."  It's not the first time this has happened.  A Singapore zoo experienced a similar event which hit the news about four years ago.

Green_bear_apDo you like green eggs and bear?
For those things, I do not care.
I do not like green eggs and bear
I do not like them anywhere!

Do you like the in a zoo?
With green water full of goo?
Do you like green in the water
Coloring seals and an otter?

I do not like them in a zoo
I do not like them smeared with goo
I do not like green eggs and bear
I do not like them anywhere.

But what about your company?  What's covering your department or team right now and discoloring it?  Is it a bad manager?  Is it antiquated procedures?  Is it bureaucracy?  Is it unfit equipment or software?  Is it dysfunctional competition?  Any of these things can be toxic if left unchecked.

Unless you look at what is causing things to turn green (i.e., getting at the root cause), you're probably going to deal with a lot of algae-covered bears.


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Mother Earth

"if a bear wears socks... it still has bear feet"
the elder clerk at the local walgreens said

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