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A Friendly Chat In Pamplona

Runwithbulls_1I'm just coming out of an 8-month-long coma known as teaching-full-time-while-maintaining-a-consulting-practice-and-writing-a-third-book-while-maintaining-a-relationship-with-my-family-and-friends-and-attempting-to-keep-up-my-personal-health.  Nothing serious, but now that equilibrium is being restored to the universe, I rewarded myself by reading a book.

Not just any book, but a book that has been sitting on my desk for about a year, taunting me, teasing me, just DARING me to read it.  "I don't have time" was my excuse.  Well, I owe Tim Irwin an apology.  His book, Run With The Bulls Without Getting Trampled, should have reached the top of my list sooner.  It was a refreshingly frank read with common sense values presented in a new light.  As a matter of fact, it didn't even feel like I was reading a book as much as it felt like I was chatting with a colleague at a sidewalk cafe.  Dr. Irwin is just that conversational with his approach

Dr. Irwin takes his lessons learned from running with the bulls in Pamplona to basic life events.  With great anecdotal synthesis, he weaves together some very proactive thoughts that should get any professional examining what makes him or her tick.  What struck me with this book is that he ties everything back to core values, something I wish more people would address.  Dr. Irwin doesn't preach; he challenges.  I've had many of these same discussions with my friends and clients, so reading his book was more affirming for me.  Even in the midst of my previously mentioned insanity, I recognized the lack of equilibrium in my life and knew that there was an end in sight.  Unfortunately, I know too many professionals who don't allow an end in sight.  They chase after the wrong things and don't do a course correction.

So... are you one of these people who is perpetually too busy to read "that values stuff"?  Make a date with yourself, carve out 2-3 hours at a coffee shop, and run with the bulls and with Dr. Irwin.  He'll give you a thing or two to think about (and many practical tools to help you take action on those thoughts) as you avoid being gored by the stampede of life events that can trample you the second you re-engage with the rest of the world.


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