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Office Politics Overload

PressureWow!  Either there are a lot of people who are dealing with office politics (and wondering how to handle office politics), or Franke James just likes me.  (For those who don't know, she is the editor and owner of Office-Politics.com, a website to which I contribute regularly.)  I've been on a letter-answering binge recently.  You can check out all my letters here.

There have been some doozies:  a "backfired" employee raffle, a horny commanding army officer, an upwardly-sucking coworker, and an unempowered trainee have all been crossing my desk recently.

Yesterday, I had the honor of addressing the local chapter of IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) and the even greater honor of having Claire Celsi in the front row (heckle-free, no less).  I shared with them how to use office politics as a proactive tool rather than a reactive weapon.  The presentation was very well received, and I am appreciative of the opportunity.

So, it's a new year... are you still being stumped by office politics?  You know what to do.

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franke james


Congratulations on your presentation to the IABC and helping people to understand the good things that can come from being proactive rather than reactive. I thought your recent political posts were very entertaining, funny and wise. Just like your posts for www.officepolitics.com! Lots of fun -- great to have you on board!

Timothy Johnson

Thanks, Franke... I truly enjoy being able to engage in your blog. It' s a great service you bring to the world.

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