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Just Add One

IZtimes_square_ballt's pretty simple.  Instead of writing 2007, you write 2008.  That's all there really is to transitioning to a new year, right?

Well, I can't think about moving forward with the new year until I look back and thank all the people whose comments helped make 2007 a "Carpe Factum" year to remember:

Liz Strauss, Bob Donaldson, Phil Gerbyshak, Robert Hruzek, Matt Owen, Brett Rogers, Delaney Kirk, Sandy Renshaw, Roger von Oech, Mike Wagner, Valeria Maltoni, Brett Trout, Terry Starbucker, Scot Herrick, Jake Parillo, Andy Brudtkuhl, Jack Rogers, Bob McIlree, Shaula Evans, Tim Putnam, Josh Nankivel, Tom Haskins, Dean Fuhrman, Sherry Borzo, Blaine Collins, Jane Greer, Beth Peck, Penelope Trunk, Troy Worman, Adam Steen, Lucia Mancuso, Ann Michael, Mike Sansone, Peter Stinson, Randy Ross, Drew McLellan, Dana Dennis, Joanna Young, Hunter Arnold, Lisa Gates, Jodee Bock, Claire Celsi, Mitch Matthews, Bob Ravenscroft, Dean Stantin, Rush Nigut, Rick Cockrum, Connie Reece, Tom Clifford, Wendy Piersall, Tony D. Clark, Chris Brown, Chris Cree, Kammie Kobyleski, SueAnn Denny, Shelley Davison, Dawud Miracle, G.L. Hoffman, Franke James, Sheila Scarborough, Janet Green, EM Sky, Dan Schwabel, Charlene Polansky, Don Hensley, April Groves, Derrick Sorles, Erik Potter, Crysta Wille, Kevin Brady, Art Dinkin, Ron McDaniel, Penina Finger, Lewis Green, Barbra Sundquist, Bob Glaza, Gavin Heaton, Rebecca Thorman, Linda Zdanowicz, Erika Andersen, Steven Davies, Michael Krigsman, Eric Peterson, Jeff Hutton, Meikah Delid, Rosa Say, Angela Maiers, Jen Chan, Mark Eversmall, Raven Young, Steve Farber, Bob Loch, Marti Lawrence, David Graves, Mik Watson, Kare Anderson, Jeff Wignall, Chris Bailey, Mike Rohde, Paul Williams, Erin Blaskie, Kevin Eikenberry, Jerimi Kopsa, Michael Adhi, Jeanne Dinnini, C.B. Whittemore, Anita Danger, Laurence-Helene, Pawel Brodzinski, Priscilla Palmer, Toby Bloomberg, Mike Dewitt, Anna Farmery, and Ricardo Bueno.

I can't thank each of you enough for stopping by, reading, and engaging me in conversation.  You've encouraged me, challenged me, and made me grow as a person and as a blogger.

(If I forgot anybody, my sincerest apologies.)

To all of the above, and to those who just stop by to read but have not engaged me in conversation yet, I thank you and wish you all the best in 2008.  My goal for this year is to "just add one":  there's always one more reader, one more comment, one more trackback, one more link that is just at the tipping point of blogging excellence.  My plan, therefore, is to "just add one."

Carpe Factum in 2008!

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Meikah Delid

Wow, "just add one" is an excellent slogan to jumpstart 2008! Good work, Tim! Let's continue to work to make a difference in the blogosphere, and hopefully to inspire all of us to do, and be better. :)

Erika Andersen

Tim -

What a wonderful acknowledgment of everyone. May 2008 be your most fulfilling year ever!


Rick Cockrum

Happy New Year, Timothy.

"Just add one" sounds like a good plan. If we "just add one" in any areas of our lives, think where we could go.

Lisa Gates

Hi Tim, great idea for the beginning of the year! I did a similar post in mid-December (you were mentioned) called the Gratitude MeMe for YouYou. Amazing how huge yet closely connected this world is, isn't it?

Delaney Kirk

Happy New Year. Here's to the publication of "one more" great Timothy Johnson business fable!

C.B. Whittemore

Tim, many thanks! I wish you a very Happy New Year. What an amazing way to start out 2008!


Tim - And one more beautiful piece to add to your wonderful mosaic world .. thanks for including me in your globe of light.

Liz Strauss

Professor Tim,
You are one in a million. We learn from just coming over here. :)

Eric Peterson

I think Liz said it best! Although class is over, I will continue to learn from your wisdom!

Although I won't publicly steal "Just Add One," you can be sure it will be on my mind as I continue my blogging journey!

Kare Anderson

Bet you gust into 2008 with the tail winds of more fans.

I especially enjoyed your Accomplishment Apnea ....and, yes more
- another fan,
Kare, movingformmetowe.com
In a civilization when love is
gone we turn to justice and when
justice is gone we turn to power
and when power is gone we
turn to violence.

Opportunity is often inconvenient.

Terry Starbucker

Dude! Thanks for the link love. It's been a great pleasure to be your friend, and I look forward to many more years of "dudeness". See you soon (either at SOBCon or in Des Moines).

Gavin Heaton

Great way to start the year, Tim!

Lewis Green


Wonderful sentiment and a great philosophy.

Robert Hruzek

Tim, thanks for enriching MY year in 2007!

Carpe Factum, and Cheers!

Mike DeWitt


Carpe Factum, indeed! Looking forward to adding plenty of ones this year!!


Miss Admin

Thanks Tim! I'm sitting at my desk eating crunchy Cheetos, reading your blogs when one of the managers came over to let me know he sought a mentor (as I'd suggested) and how the first meeting went. He noticed what I as doing and yep, I just did your job for you (you youngest siblings are ALWAYS waiting for us oldsters to do your work!) and added one for you. Now you need to continue writing as the rest of us will continue to spread the word for you.



You're too cool -- What an awesome way to kick off 2008!! Thanks for your acknowledgement and may we all just add one - or two or three ;)

Timothy Johnson

To all - thank you for continuing to make my blogging experience something special. I hope we can continue to benefit each other throughout 2008.

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