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Caucus Office Politics: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Duncan_hunterUm... Duncan who?

Duncan Hunter?  Nope, never heard of him.

What?  You say he's running for president?  Really!  What country?

No!  Ours?  Which party?  Republican, eh?  You sure?  OK.

In office politics, sometimes it pays to make a little noise.  A lot of people get passed over for promotions and cool projects because nobody knows they are even there.  Kind of like Hunter Duncan... er... um... I mean Duncan Hunter.  I think.  Not sure, really.

Have I made my point?  Good.  Now get out there and make sure people know about you... in a positive way (or even in a negative way... at least they'll hear about you).

If you're not managing your publicity and self-branding effectively, you may as well just pack in your career now.  Just like Dalton Hopkins... uh... Duncan Hunter will be headed back to (pssst... where's he from again?)  You, just like this "candidate" (wink, wink, nudge), will merely be a footnote in history.


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John Davis

Your Point - yes you made you point, your a liberial, most likely a democrat. You must have given up trying to "make your point" with your political and turned to attacking a truely great American who has served this country most of his life, longer than you have been alive. My point to you - grow-up and get a life.

Timothy Johnson

Hi John. Thanks for commenting. And for assuming. Actually, I'm a very fiscally conservative Republican. My "attack" on your preferred candidate has nothing to do with his character or his policies. It has everything to do with his branding and marketing. But I have to give you credit, sir: your tone and your "grow up and get a life" comments demonstrate that you are very proficient at attacking as well. Enjoy the caucuses tonight.

Ms. Admin

Tim needs no defending from me --- but I can assure you he's NOT a liberal. I imagine he could be a Democrat, on occasion, if he can get behind the person and their convictions.

Mr. Davis, I'm guessing from his attitude, spelling (or lack thereof) and general comments must have been educated in a "liberial" system where anger was more important than phonics, good manners and critical thinking skills.

Caucus was great---I invited my new neighbor. She's recently moved from another state. It was wonderful hearing about our process from a newbie.

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