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A New Semester

DrakelogoTonight begins a new semester at Drake.  While there are a few familiar faces from other classes I've taught, there will be many new students.  For all of the students, most of what I'm covering will be new content, even though I've trekked through it many times before.  So, before class starts, I'll be reminding myself to rekindle the same wide-eyed wonder I experienced the first time I encountered this material.  If I'm bored, my students most definitely will be bored.  Then nobody would have fun.  We can't have that, can we?

Besides the Leadership Class I taught last semester, I'm also teaching a class on Creativity for Business (one of my favorites), and an undergrad class on organizational behavior.  It sounds like an interesting mix.

Speaking of Drake, how about that Men's Basketball Team?  They're going sixteen wins straight, and just cracked the AP Top 25 Basketball Poll for the first time in over 30 years!

Today is a great day to be a Bulldog.  WOOF!


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Dean Fuhrman

My daughter is a sophomore at Drake so I follow the fortunes of the Bulldogs ... amazing basketball season so far this year. Hope they continue to do well.

Best of luck to you on the new semester.


Just reading makes me nostalgic for the days of scavenger hunts in the mall (and ensuing security guard harassment) and wearing costumes to class.

I am glad to report that my days of despairing that I wouldn't know an original though if it came up and bit me are over! Now that my evenings are no longer filled with top down regressions, my brain once again has space to make creative thoughts...they fought back from the ashes! Thanks for the advice along the way!

Timothy Johnson

Thanks Dean - the Bulldogs are great this season... let's hope they keep it up

Beth - lots of great memories from last spring's class. It just won't be the same without your cheerleading. But I do have a great batch of students this semester.

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