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Yeah, I'm Thankful

It's the week of Thanksgiving, and this has been an amazing year.  There have been so many blessings and opportunities and trips and new relationships that I could not even list all of the wonderful things that have happened this year (besides, you've read most of them on my blog).  Sure, there have been bumps and detours, but they've wound up more adventure than annoyance.

20071101_mike_delaney_timWhat I'm so excited about this year are all of the friendships and relationships that have developed and fortified.  This month alone, I've been reminded of how lucky I am to know so many great people... but not just know them... to call them friends.  Some people say that social media will replace traditional relationships... to which I say, "PHOOEY!"

I'm thankful that I can meet Mike and Delaney for coffee whenever Delaney makes it back to town from Florida, and that our conversations seem to take off very naturally... and if left to our own devices, we could talk for hours.

I'm thankful that Drew and Janet will drop everything and come to my Drake class at the last second and share all of the joys of social media, and how the Age of Conversation affects all of our lives.

I'm thankful that Steve - while traveling to the opposite corner of the country and facing a tight publisher deadline - will conference call with the same Drake class and share his thoughts about changing the world.

HockeydudesI'm thankful that a guy like Adam would invite Brett, Art, Tom, Doug and me to a hockey game.  It was blogospheric male bonding at its best (even though the Iowa Stars got hammered 6-0).

I'm thankful that I have a great wife and two fun and beautiful daughters who put up with all of my ideas and dreams and let me follow my journey, even when I leave them scratching their heads.

I'm thankful that Office-Politics.com and Iowabiz.com let me come and play in their sandbox from time to time.

I'm thankful and Liz and Terry and Phil and Mike would create an opportunity for dozens of bloggers to forge new relationships and build on existing ones.

I'm thankful for all of you readers, who enjoy reading my ramblings and rantings day after day, month after month.

And you?  What/Whom are you thankful for?

Have a great Thanksgiving week!  Safe travels!


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Phil Gerbyshak

And we are thankful for you Tim...

For your quick wit;
Your awesome headlines;
Your willingness to skateboard into class;
Your big heart;
Your big hugs;
and most of all, your HUGE smile!

You are an inspiration friend! Thanks for being the Carpe Factumist dude on the planet and for sharing you with all of us!

Delaney Kirk

Have a Happy Turkey Day and I'll be back to visit in the spring when it gets warm there again!

Brett Trout


Thanks to you for making all of these connections better.


Art Dinkin


I had a great time. Thanks for posting the picture and for reminding us the true spirt of the holiday this week.

Terry Starbucker

Dude! Phil couldn't have said it better. You da man.

PS: I'm sure you figured out I didn't make it to Des Moines this year (budgets-yuck). I'm hoping I can see you again before SOBCon.

All the best, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Timothy Johnson

Phil... ya got me all choked up, buddy... knock it off :)

Delaney, Brett, and Art... THANK YOU for being a part of who I am and for letting into your worlds as well.

Terry... DUDE... yes, your absence was felt. I will make a point of seeing you before SOBCon08.

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