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Blog Fog

MegaphoneI love the blogosphere.  Anybody who's been reading these posts for a while should understand the passion with which I've approached these relationships, the writing, and the reading.  What's even more enjoyable is watching the relationships evolve and grow.  For example, after over a year of commenting back and forth and sending occasional emails, Bob McIlree and I finally were able to talk on the phone over the Thanksgiving weekend.  We have an alarming amount in common.  A funny thing happened in the middle of our conversation, though.  Bob tells this story really well, so I'll let you read it on his blog.  Suffice it to say, we were both laughing about unwittingly quoting another blogger back to himself.

In addition to my conversation with Bob, my buddy Phil posted 125 amazing blogs that help him make it great.  I bet they could help you make it great as well.  I've added some commentary behind some of the bloggers I've been able to get to know personally... but I'm looking forward to checking out all of them:


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Robert Hruzek

Hey Tim! Thanks for the Blog Fog 'nog!

Buzzoodle Ron

Hi Tim.

Thanks for posting this list. Phil is someone that you can trust. If he recommends them, they must be good - or paid big bucks - which was our case.

Just kidding

Lisa Gates

What an inspiration you are! Adding the personal note is such a great example of community begetting community, a matrix of possibility. Great work.

And by the way, I meant to thank you for the laughter in our household in your faux Poe rendition...


Timothy Johnson

Robert - any time buddy

Ron - Phil's kickbacks were too high this time. I had to just do it out of the kindness of my heart

Lisa - love your writing... cannot wait to see you again at SOBCon.

Chris Bailey

Hiya Tim, looks like I'm in good company here. Phil knows how to get folks connected.

Hope you get a chance to stop by Alchemy and join in our dialogue there.

Cheers! Chris

Phil Gerbyshak

Thanks for sharing the list and making it even GREAT^er Tim. Well done!

Mike Rohde

Thanks for the kind words dude! :-)


Tim - Thanks...I'd been feeling a little less bloggy lately - your kindness and good humor was just the latte I needed.

The happiest of holidays my friend

Paul (from Idea Sandbox)

I'm honored that Idea Sandbox (www.idea-sandbox.com) is part of this list! - Paul

Connie Reece

Hey, Tim. Thanks for the mention. And you haven't even experienced my pink hair yet! (I can't wear the boa everywhere, you know.)

Erin Blaskie

Thank you so much for the link love! :)

Erin Blaskie


Wow - I made the list on two blogs! Who do I owe the bribe to?

Seriously - thanks for reminding me to check out the rest of the blogs on Phils list!


Rick Cockrum

You make me feel like Jim Carrey in The Mask. "You love me. You really love me." (Just my excuse to quote a guy with a green face. :) )

Thanks, Tim.

Rosa Say

Aloha Tim, you rock too :)

Priscilla Palmer

Hello Tim! Thank you for the link. It looks like Phil is a friend of both of ours. He's really a great guy and has helped me from the beginning of my blogging life. You can read a real life meeting I had with him at http://priscillapalmer.com/priscillapalmer/2007/10/27/breakfast-with-phil-gerbycheck/. If nothing else you should get a good laugh!

Timothy Johnson

To Chris, Mike, Erin, Raven, Rosa, and Paul - thanks for being great and allowing Phil to put you on my radar

Phil - ya big lovable lug - you're the best

April - as they say, better latte than never :)

Priscilla - one doesn't "meet" Phil - one "experiences" Phil

Connie - I want pictures!!!

Rick - he stole it from Sally Fields oscar speech

Angela Maiers

Tim, thank you friend! I feel so honored and excited to be included on this list and a part of an amazing group of individuals. I am looking forward to checking everyone out!

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