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This Project Is a Bear... um, Lion... Er, Giraffe

Blank_zooAs you may recall from last fall, my Drake Project Management MBA class usually gets more than they bargain for when they sign up.  To make the concepts real (rather than just dwelling on academic theory), I team my students up with a local not-for-profit organization, and they get to develop a business case and project plan for projects of the organization's choosing.  This year's not-for-profit?  The Blank Park Zoo.

We met with a representative from the Zoo's management team yesterday, and the positive challenge has been set.  I have an AWESOME group of students this semester (including two brave souls who have me as instructor for both of their classes).  It's going to be a blast!


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Eric Peterson


Now this would be a great class! It sounds intense (based on your postings last fall), but rewarding. I'm hoping that I can commit to this class sometime during my MBA program. One question though. Is this class offered any other time besides weekends in the fall (I'm a college football addict!)? If not, I'll just have to rethink my priorities by next fall.

Timothy Johnson

Well, Eric, right now it's just slated for the fall (not to say it won't change back at some point in some future year). Hmmm, a project manager learning to prioritize? What a concept!!

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