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Meme And My Shadow

ShadowFor those who don't know what a "meme" is, it's sort of like playing a game of tag with bloggers.  Somebody comes up with an idea or a question and then tags a few bloggers, generally 3-7, to answer the question and tag some of their friends.  I've responded to a few memes in my almost 18 months of business blogging, and I've learned a lot about my fellow bloggers, just as they've learned a few things about me.

So I started thinking about a topic this week... something I was really curious about:  if I could shadow another blogger for a day, who would it be?  Phil Gerbyshak?  He'd be very interesting, but he'd wear me out in the first five minutes.  Starbucker?  He gets a lot of travel and is able to devour tons of books, but I think I'd miss my family too much.  Adam Steen?  The man is an uber-networking animal; I randomly run into so much that there are times it already feels like we shadow each other.  Drew McLellan might be fun... appealing to my inner-marketer.  I already know what Delaney Kirk does... all too well... and I like it anyway!  I'd love to watch Patti Digh do one of her workshops, but as a participant rather than a shadow.  Hmmm... this is tougher than I thought.  Of course, I've idolized Steve Farber for years and it's just a dream come true to get to chat with him on occasion.  I bet watching Liz Strauss in action would be a riot... kind of like being in the splash zone of a blogospheric Seaworld.  I'm sure that Derrick Sorles and Michael Snell, with their many different business directions, would be great to observe for the day.  But I suppose if I could narrow it to one blogger for one day, watching Tom Clifford in action would be awesome; corporate film-making is a fascination of mine.

So... besides the people I've mentioned (I'm going for the "cast of thousands" tag here), I'd be curious who Jane Greer, Josh Nankivel, Mike Sansone, Sandy Renshaw, and Claire Celsi would choose to shadow for a day.  (If I didn't mention your name, don't worry, I will bet you'll get tagged eventually.)  Remember to trackback and/or link back to this post so I know who's playing.  I'll attempt to do a summary post in a couple of weeks to show who wants to shadow whom.

Bonus question:  would your answer be different if you could actually trade places with that blogger for a day?

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Thomas Clifford

Hi Timothy!

Interesting post...keep up the fabulous work!

If you are ever on the East Coast, you are more than welcome to "shadow" me for a day--just be sure to have your running shoes on! :-)

Terry Starbucker

Director Tom had it right- this IS an interesting question! I'll take it on next week, but I also have to give you some props for that Liz Strauss description - "splash zone of a blogospheric SeaWorld". Dude! You must be a writer..... :-)

All the best.

Phil Gerbyshak

Interesting Tim. I don't know who I'd want to shadow for a day. Probably someone creative like Mike Rohde or David Airey or I know, David Armano. I'd like to sit inside any of their heads to see what was ticking, and to spend a day chatting with them about their ideas.

I'd wear you in 5 minutes? I don't know Tim, your titles alone would keep me on my toes for at least a week!

Claire Celsi

I would trade places with Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, aka, "Kos" of the Daily Kos blog. I'm guessing that Tim would prefer that he not even be allowed on the same planet as him...

Thanks for the tag. Sorry I haven't responded until today. My day job is a bit busy right now!

Liz Strauss

Okay, I've finally figured out what to say . . . you're all wet already!

Drew McLellan


You can let your inner marketer come out and play anytime. I'm game. If you decide you really do want to shadow a local version of Director Tom -- let me know and I'll see what I can do!


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