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I Think; Therefore, I Blog

Thinkingblogger April Groves, the Southern Belle of Real Estate (and one darn smart and witty lady and a true renaissance thinker if there ever was one), has bestowed upon me the honor of the The Thinking Blogger award.  In her words,

Timothy Johnson makes my brain hurt (those who know me know that I mean that as a great compliment.)  He strips away the rhetorical mumbo jumbo of management and is applicable as a result - not to mention I learn a new word almost every time I visit.

Thanks, April.  Most of the time when I'm giving people a headache, it is generally not a compliment, so this is very high praise.  One of the great things about this award is that I am allowed to award it to five other blogs that really make me think.  (I like peer-based award systems.)  I've not had time to see if these blogs have already received this award, but here are the bloggers whose writing excites my gray matter every time I log in.  Each of these bloggers is brilliant in his/her subject matter, and I'm purposely withholding specific information about them to appeal to your own curious nature.  See if you dare to have your mind expanded.

These are truly deserving people whose thoughts and whose blogospheric writings converge in the most delightful ways imaginable!!!

(And, like April, I had a hard time narrowing it to just five.  Everyone on my blog roll really triggers my thinking, challenges my thoughts, and inspires my actions.)

Thanks, April, for your kind words.  Thanks Tom, Patti, Hunter, Franke, and the Iowabiz writers for making me a better person just by being you.


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April Groves

Timothy - it was a pleasure on my my part and well deserved on yours. And thanks for all the kind words.

Now I can get on to the best part of this award - finding great new blog by following where it goes. I can't wait to check out your recipients!

Tom Haskins

I love the title of this post Tim. It's so me! Congrats on your well deserved aware and thanks for the kudos.

Hunter Arnold

Just catching up after getting back from Europe, so I apologize for the delay - congratulations, Tim, and thanks for the mention!

Timothy Johnson

April - thanks again for the great honor

Tom and Hunter - very honored to have you both as blogging buddies and share the kudos with you.

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