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The Every Day and Seemingly Mundane

The other night, Mitch Matthews and I were playing his game, Q-Friends, and discussing on which movie set we would have enjoyed being present.  For both of us, the default was Star Wars.  We discussed all of the little details about this movie and wondered where and how the creators, primarily George Lucas, came up with the inspiration that made this film icon.

Well, I doubt that this is how it really happened but I ran across this short clip on YouTube:

While it is a parody, it does bring up some great points.  Great inspiration and creativity are all around us.  From the annoying cubicle-dweller down the aisle who makes unpleasant noises to the weird thing your dog does when he's begging to go outside... it's all there... just waiting to be captured.

May the (carpe factum) force be with you!


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Erik Potter

If you want to know more origins check out "George Lucas in Love". http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0203523/.

Origins of Yoda's speech pattern, Leia's hair buns, etc.



Lovin' it Tim!

Great stuff. Plus... it was a great convo the other night!

May the force be with you... and Q for that matter!

Timothy Johnson

Erik - great site... thanks for sharing

Mitch - it's always a great conversation where you're concerned.

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