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Simon Says "Moo"

Cow_800Today I watched an interesting phenomenon:  my daughters played the game Simon Says.  My two-year-old was allowed to be Simon.  She started out:

"Simon Says 'Spin around.'"

"Simon Says 'Clap your hands.'"


And then...

Well, if you've ever been around a toddler long enough, they lose interest very quickly.  Abby found something else to grab her attention, leaving my seven-year-old spinning and clapping.  Lauren is a rather focused and very competitive young lady.  Hence, she was not about to lose the game under any circumstances.  She was so busy spinning and clapping that she didn't notice that Abby had left the room until she was about to collapse from dizziness.  (Yeah, I could have stopped her earlier, but then what fun would I have had?)

As a consultant, I deal with a lot of sacred cows.  Simon made a company start mooing 5, 10, 20 years ago and nobody came along and told them to stop.  I guess companies just have to get dizzy enough before they realize that Simon has left the room.  We hope they realize it before they lose consciousness.  Before you bring in a consultant to solve your problems, maybe you should simply try saying, "Simon says, 'Stop Mooing.'"  The dizzy cows will thank you.


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Dean Stantin

This leads me to believe you as the consultant were spining and spining and going nowhere on the project. Then the company came in and told you to stop spining and let you go.

Timothy Johnson

Actually, I can see where you might think that, Dean. What happens is that I see the company spinning around needlessly. When I ask why they are spinning, the reply is that someone early on told them they had to. That person is usually gone, and so there is no longer any rationale for why they need to keep spinning. My job as a consultant is to help them stop spinning before they get dizzy and collapse.

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