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Oh What A Tangled Web

Internetlaws_2 On the eve of my own book's release, it seems only fitting to "share the love" and review another book.  It's long overdue, and I thank the author for his patience.  Normally, I shy away from technical books, but this one actually held my interest from cover to cover.  It's called Internet Laws Affecting Your Company by Brett Trout, a Des Moines patent attorney.

With so many of our projects dealing with the internet or having some kind of web interface or impact, it's great that somebody took the time to distill the LEGAL aspects of e-commerce into a USABLE guide.  I highly recommend this book for any project team that has any web component to their project.  From email usage to copyright laws, from freedom of speech to ADA impacts, Brett covers it all.  And he masterfully does it without coming down heavily on the side of legal speak or techie-talk.

The best part about this book is it's structure.  Every topic is easy to locate.  The reader can handle it all in one sitting (budget a couple of hours) or can dice it up into whatever is relevant.  There is a comprehensive glossary and index in the back, as well as many other useful appendices.

This is relevant stuff, if your project entails any kind of web activity (and let's face it, what project doesn't have something to do with the internet these days?) then you should have your technical and legal subject matter experts reading this book.

Plus, I've met Brett... he's a no-nonsense kind of guy... an attorney who has some heart and passion about him.  He knows his stuff... and he's willing to share it with you.


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Claire Celsi

Nice blog! I like Brett better than Brett's book! :)

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