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It's Getting Breezy

AnemometerJust a few updates on the release of GUST - The "Tale" Wind of Office Politics:

  • The first book review has come out, thanks to Drew McLellan and The Des Moines Business Record.  According to Drew, "One of the greatest insights in the book is that office politics are not inherently bad. Every business is filled with human beings, and in some ways the book is as much a personality and psychological study as it is a business book. Being able to step back and objectively see the game being played is the first step to understanding what's creating the problems at hand. The book also examines the power of influence within an organization and all the different ways people exercise that influence."  Thanks for the kind words
  • My great appreciation to The Bookstore and to Beaverdale Books for continuing to be my enthusiastic local distributors.  The Bookstore has scheduled my first book signing for April 27 (more details to come).
  • Special thanks to Borders Books for carrying both titles.  I'm excited that my books are on your shelves.
  • Also, I have my first ever radio interview Wednesday night, April 18, with Jim Goodman on the Iowa Business Hour.

A lot of exciting things happening in the near future.  Stay tuned for more details.


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Congrats on the bookstore success! I'm still workin' my Wellmark connection!

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