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Do You Feel Lucky?

Black_catIt's Friday the 13th...  Do you feel lucky?  If you are the "victim" of office politics, I would guess that your answer is "no, not really."  Do you want to make this your lucky day?  GUST - The "Tale" Wind of Office Politics is now available for sale.  In it, you will learn:

  • Three key things people manipulate and fight over in organizations
  • Three kinds of politicians, and how to handle each
  • Six core motivations of political behavior
  • Uses (and misuses) of influence in an organization
  • Importance of strategizing an appropriate response to YOUR political situation
  • Considerations of timing, passion, and support into your political actions
  • Executives' roles in influencing (and correcting) office politics
  • Assessments for determining how political your organization really is

Invest one hour in an entertaining story and you could be the luckiest person in your office by Monday.  Have a great weekend.

NOTE:  In light of the tragedy at Virginia Tech, the image of "Dirty Harry" sporting his gun seemed in poor taste for this post, so I opted for a black cat.  If I've offended cat lovers, well... you'll just have to deal with it.


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I like the new web design!! Makes is easy to locate things and looks great!

Delaney Kirk

As a diversity teacher I must stand up for all black cats who have been misunderstood and feared for many years.

How about a ladder?

Timothy Johnson

I'm sorry, but from a diversity standpoint, ladders are considered too "heightist" and are insensitive to individuals of lesser stature. (I love poking fun at absurd political correctness.)

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