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Stranger Than (Business) Fiction

OK, this is one of those odd things that I'm still scratching my head about and finding somewhat surreal.  Last year, after Race Through The Forest was released, my publisher was approached by a Korean publishing firm about releasing my book in Korean (no... seriously... there's no punchline coming).  My publishing contact got my approval, we took care of all of the international contracts, they gave us a small advance, and I subsequently forgot all about it.

Until this week.

There was a package from my publisher in my mailbox on Monday.  I opened the box and spent the next 30 minutes staring in disbelief and laughing my tail off.  Race Through The Forest is now available in Korean.  I'm officially an international author.  What a hoot!  Life sure is fun and funny.



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Michael Wagner

Tim - I think your book should show up in more than Korean...and I suspect that it will!

Looking forward to the official release of your next book - Gust!

Now I can say I have a friend that is an international author!!!

And weren't you Superman's paperboy too?

Keep creating,

Timothy Johnson

Thanks Mike. Already looking forward to the release of GUST.

How much longer until we start hearing about your book's release??? I'm anxiously awaiting a signed copy!

Let's keep it quiet on the Superman connection... pretty soon all of the superheroes will be bugging me about paper delivery. :)

Robert Hruzek

Hey, congratulations, Tim (on this one and your next book, too! Way to go!

Timothy Johnson

Thanks Robert... It's a great ride, and I'm enjoying it a lot. Even better is being able to meet great people like you along the journey.

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