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Central Iowa Blogging Community

Last Friday, the Central Iowa Bloggers connected at the Panera on University.  For those who think blogging is just a way for people to connect online without building any real relationships, check out these pictures.




The community continues to grow, and leading the charge is Mike Sansone (blogging evangelist extraordinaire).  The following people were able to make it:

Drew McLellan

Adam Steen

Hannah Steen

Rush Nigut

Brett Trout

Tim Johnson

Mark True

Cory Garrison

Sherry Borzo

Doug Mitchell

Michael Libbie

Brett Rogers

Andy Brudtkuhl

Matt Owen

Sandy Renshaw

Check out the new site that Andy set up for us.  The community being formed through blogs is very powerful, and I never cease to be amazed at the relationships being formed across industries.


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Matt Owen

Great meeting you and enjoying the new book! Excellent material. Thanks for sharing.

Timothy Johnson

Thanks, Matt... was a pleasure meeting you as well. It's a tremendous group of people... lots of value to come out of the relationships forged.

Brett Rogers

Thanks for putting these out there. I saw you pick up your camera to take a picture and then realized that I had forgotten mine - so thanks for grabbing yours!

Delaney Kirk

Wish I could have been there!

Timothy Johnson

Brett - glad you liked the pics... and glad I remembered to carpe camera

Delaney - we all miss you and can't wait for your return in May. You can bring treats for the June summit.

Sandy Renshaw

Thanks for posting. Glad you brought a camera to capture the moment...

Terry Starbucker

Dude! I wish I could have joined all of you last week - I'm going to figure out a way to get to one of these some time in 2007. All the best.

Timothy Johnson

Sandy - I'm glad, too. It's a pretty handsome group.

Terry - Dude! You were so totally missed!! Yes, you will have to make it to one of our gatherings this year, since it was your visit that inspired us to start meeting regularly.

Scot Herrick

I've been following these meetings via the various posts out there by separate bloggers. It's really great to see the interaction.

Keep it up!

Scot (in Seattle....)

Timothy Johnson

Scot - if you think the blogospheric interaction is cool, you should meet these people in person... it's absolutely electic!!

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