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Family, Photos, Fun, Phone, Phil, and Farber

526200606_1This is the kind of day that project managers live for... the one that gives us that "carpe factum" rush... that accomplishment high, if you will - implementing a project that is fun and enjoyable and benefits other people.  My Dad's side of the family still gets together once a year, each fall, for a gathering.  We share a meal... we talk and laugh... we welcome new family members... but mostly, we just enjoy each other and the blessings that come from being part of a large family that still lives close enough to see each other and actually appreciates each others' company.  My grandparents have been gone for over 20 years, my dad and another uncle have passed away, but that still doesn't stop this gathering.... aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins down to fourth and fifth generations... we're talking one BIG family.

526200607The cousins rotate by family who hosts the event, and this year it was time for my siblings and me to step up to the plate.  Being the dutiful project manager, I handled logistics since my brother lives a couple of hours away and my sister was busy getting a child through graduation and off to college.  This has to have been the most rewarding project I've managed in a while.  My brother and I partnered on a family photo gallery (complete with Microsoft Movie Maker presentation - that brother of mine is a creative wizard), and we had a good turnout despite competing with the "big game" for attention (by the way, Iowa beat Iowa State 27-17... very close game all the way through ... just the way it should be for a good healthy intrastate rivaly).  It's also nice to leave this kind of legacy with my own children... the importance of appreciating family.

To top it all off, Phil Gerbyshak repeated his performance of the other night (the man truly lives up to his self proclaimed "relationship geek" title), calling me today so I could talk to Steve Farber.  For those who know me well, they know that Steve Farber is my all-time favorite business author, and somebody whose life philosophy of extreme leadership I respect greatly, so being able to talk to him on the phone was an extreme experience.  The weather was perfect.  The food was fantastic (we Midwesterners know how to do "covered dish pot luck" dinners like nobody else).  The company was engaging.  The photos were nostalgic.  And the conversations with Phil and Steve were the icing on the cake.  Words can't describe a day like this one.  They don't need to when memories will thrive forever.


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Delaney J. Kirk

I've heard that "we don't remember days, we remember moments." Sounds like you have both here. Life is good.

Phil Gerbyshak

Wow Tim, quite a story you've told here. Glad I could play a part in it.

Kevin Brady

Being a food nut I am very keen on of these days to visit the mid west and try the food. Please can you tell me what "covered dish pot luck" means.

Took a look at Steve Fabers site. Can you recommend a good book of his to read

Timothy Johnson

Delaney - yup... it's all good

Phil - you made my week, buddy. Thanks for just being you.

Kevin - "covered dish pot lucks" are comfort food at their best (unless you're on a low carb, low fat diet). Casseroles, fried chicken, salads of every shape and size, ham, baked beans... it's a cholesterol fest.

Both of Farber's books are EXCELLENT (start with Leap, then read Edge). They wouldn't be in my recommended list if they weren't a strong cut above the rest.

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